Golden rule: one is not ethically allowed to tells others what to do unless he is doing it himself, and can suffer harm in case it turns out to be a bad advice. Predictors should be harmed by their prediction errors if these stand to hurt others. As such I cannot give advice, I can only tell readers what I do. Likewise, I cannot tell people what I predict, I can just describe my portfolio.

(Taken from Nassim Taleb’s page criticising the International Fraternity of Empty Suits Not Exposed to Harm)


Hello and welcome to my page.

I’m an IT sales executive who applies value investing methodologies to my personal investments.  Because industry members know more about their industry than the general public do, it should come as no surprise that many of the companies I focus on are related to IT and telecommunications.

By finding established companies with a history of profitability, a lack of excessive debt, and selling for a discount to fair value, I believe an average investor can beat the index.

This page has been designed as a resource to share my research, successes and mistakes with the handful of stocks I keep track of.  Nothing on this blog constitutes financial advice.  Always do your own research.

Contact: my first name [at]


Regards, Leon

Melbourne, Australia

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