As I say all over this page – I’m happy to share what I am doing but please don’t blame me if you lose money.  I am not qualified to advise on what to buy, and to buy without undertaking your own research and due diligence is asking for trouble.


Here is a list of every ASX-listed stock I have in my portfolio:

AVJ – AV Jennings

NST – Northern Star Resources

BPF – Bulletproof Networks

BGL – BigAir Limited

ETPMAG – Silver Units


This is a short list, I am comfortable holding a concentrated list, with no stop losses for the following reasons:

  • I believe the underlying value of the stock is higher than the price
  • Short term price movements will not affect the actual underlying value
  • It’s easier to focus on a few stocks you know intimately, rather than hold 30 that you are merely acquainted with
  • I can hold long-term without the need to redeploy the capital elsewhere.


This list is kept current.


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